Tipp Digital Hub remote working solution offer

Tipp Digital Hub remote working solution offer

With many employers advising their staff to work remotely amid the COVID-19 crisis, many of us only consider working from home. On the other hand, digital hubs like Tipp Digital Hub in Tipperary Town could be the best solution for you. Tipp Digital Hub is a six-desk facility with high-speed broadband and free parking at its base in the Technology Park in Tipperary Town. It is open from 9am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday and bookings are facilitated through the website tippdigitalhub.ie. In light of the COVID-19 threat, Tipp Digital Hub would like to facilitate efforts by workers to avoid contracting the virus by offering desk space for free from today until March 29th where the worker needs to work remotely but cannot do so effectively from home.

The Hub was established by the voluntary not-for-profit community group Jobs4Tipp last year and the initiative is supported by Tipperary Local Enterprise Office and County Council. It is very accessible and in a building of low footfall. All desks are provided as individual pods with low dividing partitions between clients and there is a robust cleaning and sanitization policy in place at the facility presently. A basic canteen with free tea, coffee is provided for patrons and every effort is being made in line with HSE guidelines to ensure this vital facility for clients remains operational for the foreseeable future.

Morgan Mooney representing Tipp Digital Hub commented “There are many people commuting to work every day from Tipperary Town and the surrounding areas, many of those on trains from Limerick Junction to Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Due to COVID-19, many workers are trying to avoid public transport and attending work with large numbers of other people, but some do not have an option as they do not have the facility or environment at home to work remotely. Tipp Digital Hub would like to offer for free their 6 desk facility as an alternative option to those particular workers and help them avoid possible risks currently being taken. Given the urgency and gravity of the COVID-19 treat, Tipp Digital Hub is delighted to assist in this small way and hopefully help contain the spread of the virus. We believe that Tipp Digital Hub offers many of these commuters a feasible solution to work remotely in a corporate environment with excellent facilities and broadband.”

Smart working expert, Vanessa Tierney of Abodoo said “Working remotely is considered highly valuable, and for others, it’s going to require a lot of management if they’ve got young kids or if they don’t have the adequate connectivity.” Ms Tierney continued “Sadly, it has taken such an event to encourage companies which before would have said that they may consider it in the future to now turn on remote working within 24 hours.”

For anyone looking for further information or wants to book a desk at the fully-equipped remote working environment in Tipperary Town, visit www.tippdigitalhub.ie or call 062 30708. The offer of free daily desk space (until March 29th) is subject to Tipp Digital Hub normal booking conditions.