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Terms and Conditions

for hire of desk space at Tipp Digital Hub

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Terms and Conditions for hire of desk space at Tipp Digital Hub. The Hirer hereby agrees to hire the facilities as specified in the terms and conditions of hire below:

  • The term of the hire is for the dates listed above only to the person specified as the Hirer.
  • You will be entitled to access the accommodation between 9.00am and 5.30pm on the days specified or booked on the first page of this agreement. Long term coworking bookings will have more access rights.
  • All of the centre and the accommodation remains the sole property of Tipp Digital Hub. We are giving you no legal estate or interest in it nor any lease, tenancy or legal easement. We are allowing you just the personal right to use a desk on the specific dates listed above.
  • If additional dates are required then a new booking form will be required.
  • Tipp Digital Hub will notify you and provide you with details of the accommodation set aside within the centre for your use prior to your start time/date.
  • You will pay Tipp Digital Hub in advance the fee for the desk hire. The fees must be paid on the date of booking and agreeing to these T&Cs.
  • Tipp Digital Hub will be entitled to vary the accommodation within the centre at any time. You will allow us (Tipp Digital Hub) and any of our respective agents and employees to enter the accommodation at any time without prior notice in order to carry out any routine inspection, cleaning and maintenance or for any other purpose in connection with the Hub.
  • We will inform you in advance, as a courtesy, of any testing, repair or other works to be carried out unless there is an emergency.
  • You will take good care and use with respect the centre and all equipment, fixtures and fittings provided in the Centre and you will be liable for any damage caused by you, your employees or any person that you have permitted or invited into the centre. You will leave the desk space areas clean, tidy and free of any rubbish.
  • You will comply with all health and safety and fire regulations.
  • You will be asked to read and sign our fire procedures policy before the commencement of your rental period.
  • You will not use the centre for anything which is illegal, immoral, dangerous or offensive and you will not carry out any hazardous act or carry on any hazardous trade at the centre.
  • You will not do anything which causes or threatens to cause any nuisance, annoyance, damage, disturbance, inconvenience or injury to the service provider or any other occupier of the centre’s accommodation.
  • Tipp Digital Hub are not liable for any additional costs or expenses you may incur or for any loss of business, loss of profits, loss or damage to data, information or records or any third party claims or other consequential loss, including loss as a result of Force Majeure. It is your responsibility to take out your own insurance against such risks.
  • Tipp Digital Hub are not liable for any loss, damage, expense or claim of any kind relating to any other facilities goods or services which you may at any time agree to purchase or hire directly from a service provider or for any failure in relation to any such facilities goods or services.
  • Neither Tipp Digital Hub nor anyone employed by Tipp Digital Hub will be liable for any loss to you or any other person (including consequential economic loss) for any damage to furniture, equipment or goods in the centre whether or not the loss or damage is due to any act or omission, negligence or willful default by us or by you or by any other person. Any other representations, conditions, warranties and other terms whether written or oral, express or implied statutory or otherwise which are or may be inconsistent with this condition are expressly excluded.
  • If you are signing up to a monthly Coworking agreement we will provide you with one key and to the building accommodation. The key will remain our property at all times. Any requests for additional keys will be subject to you paying an additional fee for this. You will not make copies of these keys.
  • If any keys are lost you will immediately report this to us. You will be responsible for the costs of replacing the lost key and for the changing of any locks.
  • You will not transfer this Agreement or any rights to any person. This Agreement is personal to you and is not capable of being transferred or passed on to anyone else.
  • Unless you are signing up to a monthly Coworking agreement you may not use the Tipp Digital Hub address for any post, parcels or deliveries. If any post arrives for you, you will be charged the Postal Address Service rate.
  • Tipp Digital Hub may terminate this agreement at any time with immediate effect if the terms and condition set out here are not adhered to. Tipp Digital Hub may terminate this agreement for any other reason with reasonable notice.

For further information, please contact Tipp Digital Hub.